Long Awaited updated

Hi, good evening to you all.

I’m sorry for the long silence, I realise you are all long overdue for an update and think it’s best to get the page up and rolling again. I sincerely apologize for the wait and are grateful for the support that has still been given here as you all wait patiently for news.
Since returning from overseas there has been many ups and downs. As mentioned in the past update Christina had radiation on her right lung, it seems to of helped in some way but not long after the radiation Christina had developed a chest infection followed by influenza, where she then had to start oral and IV antibiotics. During which time the frequent scans were showing that the tumours on the left lung were shrinking and ended up shrinking to halve of what they were.

Christina’s been continuing with the Chemo tablets at home, but during the time of having influenza Christina’s blood counts dropped quite dramatically, which required her to have a blood transfusion over two days. She was neutropenic, (which is when your body has no white cells to fight infection) this then meant that she had to go 30 days without having the Chemo tablets until her blood cells went back to normal.

Christina restarted taking the Chemo tablets two and a half weeks ago, and has been suffering with stomach pains, loss of appetite, nausea and well to be honest she’s been “in the dumps”..
As if all this has not already been too much, yesterday they discovered she now has a urine tract infection which was accompanied with more horrible news that the scans are now showing that one of the tumours on her left lung has grown again more than doubling in size in the last 5 weeks (5 weeks ago it was 3.4cm and now stands at 7.7cm) she has been quite breathless and relies a lot on her oxygen tank and wheelchair.

At the same time as all of this, Christina has been continuing with part of the treatment from Germany. With the team over there liaising with us and posting medication (Mistletoe) over here to Australia as it’s not available here.
It’s been brought to our attention that there is a clinic here in Hawthorn, Victoria which does the hyperthermia and pure vitamin C infusions which is part of the treatment she was receiving over in Germany.

Christina, her parents and the medical team over in Germany all believed that the Vitamin C infusions were very beneficial, and helped improve her condition immensely. So we are aiming to try and get her back on the Vitamin C infusions through the centre in Hawthorn. They have an appointment on the 27th of October. Unfortunately this along with everything else doesn’t come at a cheap price and as they already have their monthly expenses for the treatments she’s been using these past months ($2000 – $3000 per month) the remaining money that was raised is starting to wear thin and we believe won’t last at all if we chose to go ahead with the Vitamin C infusions (costing between $200 – $400 a week).

Christina’s Parents and Family are forever grateful for all the support and heartfelt donations that have already been given, and realise that if not for all the support from you and the community, they might not still be blessed with this time with their daughter.
Please continue your prayers and support by helping me spread Christina’s Story even further by sharing the page to your friends, family and community.

We’ll be announcing some ideas and plans for further fundraising later this week, if you have any suggestions, information and/or connections please don’t hesitate to contact myself (Nicole) and the page.

Unexpected return home..

Hi everyone sorry I have not updated for awhile but we have had some bad news, they are now back home in Melbourne, they had to come back a couple of weeks ago due to Christina developing fluid in her right lung so we had to fly back home asap from Greece, we don’t know what went wrong as we were told in Germany that all was going really well and that she had no active cancer cells in her body.

So now we are home and Christina has had over 1 litre of fluid drained from her lung we have also found out that the tumors have grown and that more have appeared. She is now on chemo tablets and under palative care we don’t have no time frame but we are very grateful that we are home and that we did not lose her on the flight home as pressure from the plane built more fluid.

We just ask you all to understand our stress and to respect our privacy as I will do my very best to keep you all updated, please don’t stop praying as we never will and we thank god each and everyday that she is still here with us. Thank you all so very much for giving us the chance to take her to Germany as we as parents have to try everything in our power and we are still trying we will never ever give up hope.

Christina absolutely loved Germany and her doctors, and we are so very happy that we where able to furfull her dream to go to Paris and Disneyland we have great memories and that’s the most important thing. She is doing well and is happy to be home we all are no place like home, so thank you all again and I will keep you all posted love from all of us xxx

I will follow this post with somem pictures from the trip to germany, and will keep you all posted.

A New tally for the Fundraiser.

After the awesome efforts of the trivia night and the cruise. The tally has been rounded up to $150,000.

Which was enough then for those extra activities like Disneyland etc.

Race to race for Christina’s Fight

Bike & Car Show Tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder for everyone to head on down Ross St Heatherton, Heatherton Football Club tomorrow at 12pm for another awesome event. There will be so much going on with some great raffles and auctions happening on the day.

Some of the prizes and items up for grabs is

  • 2 x 50cc motor Bikes
  • Signed PINK framed picture
  • 5 hours of Custom Harley work Voucher
  • Chrysler Jeep vehicle for weekend
  • 2 sets RDA Performance Brakes
  • 42″ Plasma TV
  • 2nd hand Quad Bike
  • Tattoo Voucher
  • Motor Bike Complete detailing service 2 hours

Just to name a few…..

Live entertainment and plenty of fun to be had by the whole family. Gates open 12pn $10 pp entry – Kids under 12 free

If you wanted to participate in the Bike / Car run that starts from Cheltenham RSL, 11am meet for registration $20 donation per rider, $10 for pillion, depart 12pm

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Future Plans

Now i have been in talks with Nayree and Christina and the family are settling in well and will be able to get us some more information in the next 2 weeks. But they will definitely be having to return to Germany in around 6 months Just Christina and her mum, and from what I understood every year after that. So in saying that we need to keep raising more as yes we have reached the target for this trip so far but let’s make it easier for them on their return trips and have all the funds ready for them.

Trivia Night tomorrow night and some updates

So I’ve been trying to find a thermometer that made the amount we have raised so far look a little more exciting than the one that I have been using, and the new update is a mega $135,000.
I think that is just an outstanding achievement for what will be 5 weeks on Sunday.
I also have been on the phone all day for what I hope will be a great and well deserved surprise at the end of all this for them, but ssshhhhhh nothing confirmed just yet.

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Trivia Night Tomorrow

Trivia Night Event Page

Well we’re almost there….here you have it most of the stuff we will be getting rid of tomorrow at the trivia night….still have a framed signed collingwood jumper, heaps of village cinemas vouchers, an old school ray white bicycle, a 6 week boot camp program, a few other surprises and it should be an awesome night. Thanks for the support so far guys love you all…xx

So we are still going up……

So with the family all packed and ready to go the amount of donations keep going up and up…. Which is great after seeing the exchange rate they might need some of the extra funds.

download (1)

We have now reached the $130,000 mark, look my thermometer won’t even work properly now lol….

We would also like to thank Tucker Road Kindergarten for donating $550 to Christina’s Cause.

charity red (1)

We also have this huge event all confirmed which was supposed to be the last big hurrah before they left, and will still be happening regardless of them leaving early, as I’ve stated before now more than ever we have to make sure they do have enough because they are definitely leaving this week.


So after our heads stopped spinning around and around we got everything together properlly and Drum Roll Please……..



We did it!

We did it!

and we are popping out the top….. But as I said earlier I will be continuing to Fund-raise while they prepare to leave and whilst they are in Germany. For many reasons firstly we won’t know until after if Christina will need to go back for a second dose of treatment, so whatever funds are left over and keep coming in once they return will sit safely in Christina’s account until we know if she will need it or not.

If confirmed that Christina won’t need any more treatment Nayree & Nick Lagogiannis will use that money to become Advocates for others in a similar situation that need extra treatment.

I will continue to keep everybody updated of the total, and this page is not going anywhere for a long time. It will be a place for everyone to continue to follow Christina’s Story and adventures ahead. Ideally I would love to be able to place it in her hands so she herself can update her days and life and we can all grow old with her….

Great effort McKinnon High School

After a great week or two holding several different types of fundraiser events around the school, McKinnon Secondary College have all rallied together and raised a spectacular amount of $$Money.

Today the school presented the Lagogiannis Family with $14,000.

So a huge round of applause and a Huge Thank You to the McKinnon School community.

Clap your hands

Thank you Channel 9 / The Today Show and all their wonderful viewers

Last night we were sitting comfortably at around the $71,000 – $75,000 mark, but thanks to Channel 9’s The Today Show with Christina, Nick, Nayree and family (oh and Cookie the dog lol) we had a tremendous start to the day with the total jumping up a whooping $16,000. Not to mention all the phone calls and other offers that came streaming in.

The Today Show / Channel 9

Nayree & Nick touched our hearts today, sharing their hearts and dreams for their gorgeous girls Christina. It was very moving and emotional to watch, especially if you know this once “nothing but happy bubbly family”.

Offers to buy plane tickets and more are coming in, what they do need that I know they haven’t thought of yet is a rental car for when they are there (as I’ sure it will work out cheaper than Taxi’s to and from the Medical Centre).

And we must make sure they have enough for the accommodation for the entire time they will be there and enough spending money for food and basic living essentials, and what I want to see (which I know I will) is some extra play money to take Christina sight seeing etc and help put a sparkle in her eyes for the nights and/or days that she won’t be in the Medical Centre. As they don’t have hospital bed and so have you as its not a hospital, Christina will be returning back to the families accommodation every night. I want to here that they have seen this or that also in the middle of it all, and I’m sure you would all love seeing the picture updates which I will endeavour to get to you all as frequently as I can.

Any way or round up today is a Grand total of $91,000. which is just fantastic.


Change of Plans

On Tuesday Christina had another lung scan, Nayree contacted the Oncologist yesterday to get the results, only to find out that the 2 spots on the left lung have tripled in size, both sitting at around 2cm each. There has also been 2 new lesions that have popped up in the middle of the right Lung.

Nayree has had the Dr in Germany on the phone and he recommends them getting to Germany ASAP.

So in saying that, Christina and Family will hopefully be flying out next week (waiting on confirmation of dates) 2 weeks earlier than planned.

Now more than ever we have to rally behind this little girl to make sure we get enough funds for them for the rest of there treatment and accommodation while they are there.

Nayree and myself have already set in place how I will continue to get all the raised funds into Christina’s Account, thank you all so much for the continued support.